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04 Apr

Boogarins (BR)

Capitão Fausto (PT)


The Legendary Tigerman (PT)

05 Apr

Sampladélicos (PT)

Temé Tan (BE)

The Legendary Tigerman (PT)

The Poppers (PT)

The Zephyr Bones (ES)

Alek Rein (PT)

Júlio Resende (PT)

Best Youth (PT)

Black Snake Moan (IT)

Boogarins (BR)

Candeleros (ES)

Captain Casablanca (DK)

Chapelier Fou (FR)

Corine (FR)

Diron Animal (AO)

El Señor (PT)

Ermo (PT)

Hypersex by Moullinex (PT)

Joon Moon (FR)

Killimanjaro (PT)

Le Motel (BE)

Maurício Takara (BR)

Mr Gallini (PT)



Núria Graham (ES)

O Gringo Sou Eu (BR)

Paraguaii (PT)

Phoenician Drive (BE)

P.L.I.N.T. (BR/AR)

Ricardo Dias Gomes (BR)

Voicello (ES)

06 Apr

Aeromoças e Tenistas Russas (BR)

Banda B.Leza (CPV)

Bruno Pernardas (PT)

Cary or Not Cary (BR)

Chinaskee & Os Camponeses (PT)


Elbi (FR)

Fugly (PT)

Futuro Pelo (FR)

Galo Cant'Às Duas (PT)

Gonçalo (PT)

HHY & The Macumbas (PT)

Jay Moreira (CPV)

Joana Guerra (PT)

Júlio Resende (PT)

Keep Razors Sharp (PT)


LaBaq (BR)

Luís Severo (PT)

L.Teez & Aeon Seven (CA)

Mighty Sands (PT)


Naive New Beaters (FR)

Névoa (PT)


Passo Largo (BR)

Process of Guilt (PT)

Sean Riley (PT)


Whales (PT)

When 'Airy Met Fairy (LU/IS)

Zulu Zulu (ES)

05 Dec

Iguana Garcia (PT)

04 Apr

Hip Hop: Porque Continuamos A Não Falar Sobre Isto?

17:00 - 18:00

Guest Speakers:

Inês Henriques (PT)

Landim (PT)

Juana Na Rap (PT)


Tour: DIY

15:00 - 16:00

Touring is every band’s dream. Traveling around (and maybe conquering) different regions, reaching new audiences and breaking down cultural barriers, and sometimes linguistic, is a challenge that isn’t suited for everyone. Three national bands that have toured outside Portugal share their stories, experiences and DIY methods, showing how it is possible to reach international circuits by themselves.

Guest Speakers:

Joaquim Quadros (PT)

José Gomes (PT)

João Desmarques (PT)

Teresa Castro (PT)

Daniel Makosch (PT)

José Fortes

14:00 - 15:00

José Fortes is an outstanding portuguese music producer. He was the man behind the recording and production of some of our most important artists from the 60’s, 70’s and 80s, such as José Mário Branco, Paulo de Carvalho, Amália, Heróis do Mar, Mão Morta or Sérgio Godinho. He is still an active producer, working with José Palma and Lavoisier in his studio-van.

Guest Speakers:

José Fortes (PT)

Mário Lopes (PT)

"Time Will Burn", Otavio Sousa e Marko Panayotis

10:00 - 18:00

2016, 80min.

Time Will Burn tells the almost forgotten history of the Brazilian alternative rock at the beginning of the 90s. Independent bands that played their guitars at high volume, sang in english and produced their own shows were responsible for the making of an urgent and visceral music scene that got the attention of the media.

An intense period in the Brazilian music starred by bands such as Pin Ups, Killing Chainsaw, Second Come and Mickey Junkies. A chapter that was hidden is finally captured in a documentary.

"Tecla Tónica", Eduardo Morais

10:00 - 18:00

2016, 100min.

Electronic music is twice as old as rock n’ roll and, in Portugal, before its commercial emergency, many were the intervenients that tried to broaden their musical lexicon.

“Tecla Tónica” explores the alchemy of electronic music in Portugal and its intervenients whilst drawing the genesis of a machine like a synthesizer.  Registering the timeline of the technological evolution of the genre, this documentary travels through 80s electronic pop, by the emersion of sampling, culminating in the dancefloor’s freedom. Directed and produced by Eduardo Morais, the documentary comes from a sinergy between himself and Jameson Irish Whiskey during the year of 2015 and features musicians like Carlos Maria Trindade, José Cid, Carlos Zingaro, Vítor Rua, Tó Pereira, Moullinex and many others that represent this genre in Portugal.

"Sem Dentes: Banguela Records e a Turma de 94", Ricardo Alexandre

10:00 - 18:00

Liveurope, founded in 2014, is membership organisation that works as a quality label to guarantee the commitment of venues with the promotion of European diversity. The aim of Liveurope is to increase the inclusion of new and emerging European artists in the regular programming of clubs and venues, helping them to reach new audiences beyond the borders of their countries.

Since 2016, Musicbox has developed LIVEUROPE CHAPTERS, a series of mini-documentaries with some of the bands that played at the Lisbon venue. The videos work as a visual representation of what Liveurope stands for, exploring the relationships between the bands, Musicbox, the city of Lisbon and Europe.


"Liveurope Chapters", Ana Viotti, Carlota Caldeira e Joana Batista

10:30 - 18:00

Liveurope, founded in 2014, is membership organisation that works as a quality label to guarantee the commitment of venues with the promotion of European diversity. The aim of Liveurope is to increase the inclusion of new and emerging European artists in the regular programming of clubs and venues, helping them to reach new audiences beyond the borders of their countries.

Since 2016, Musicbox has developed LIVEUROPE CHAPTERS, a series of mini-documentaries with some of the bands that played at the Lisbon venue. The videos work as a visual representation of what Liveurope stands for, exploring the relationships between the bands, Musicbox, the city of Lisbon and Europe.

05 Apr

Rethinking the digitalization of music: are streaming services providing another way of being indie?

14:00 - 15:00

The digitization of music changed the way we consume and produce music, thought as more democratic and accessible. With the emergence of streaming services, artists can benefit from these platforms where it’s possible to distribute music at low cost, giving them the means that rule out the need to be associated with any publisher or other intermediary. But can we talk about independence?

In a period in which the freedom of the Internet and the limits of its neutrality are at stake, we aim to discuss whether the digitization of music has given way to the democratization of music, allowing another form of indie being and its limits. Given the importance of metadata management, it will also be discussed and metadata are addressed by these services and how can artists benefit from them.

[Talk in English] 

Guest Speakers:

António Saraiva (PT)

Eamonn Forde (UK)

Marine Elgrichi (FR)

Manuel Lopes Rocha (PT)

Hugo Hernandez (ES)

The importance of venues in the cultural fabric of a city

15:30 - 16:30

Small and medium-sized music venues play a vital role in a healthy urban ecosystem, fomenting the development of a local ethos and creating tourism opportunities. Besides that, venues are spaces of experimentation where artists are given the opportunity of gaining audiences, contributing crucially to the establishment of specific music circuits. However, this portion of live music sector is being affected by cultural policies that tend to favour music festivals and arenas.

The role of music venues in energizing the city’s cultural fabric is discussed by Sérgio Hydalgo from Galeria Zé dos Bois, Philip Kolvin QC, Former Charmain of London’s Nigh Time Comission, and Audrey Guerre from Live DMA, an european network focused on promoting and defending the live music sector. Paulo Furtado (The Legendary Tigerman), an established artist that continues to prefer tours around small and medium-sized venues, will also take part in this talk.

[Talk in English] 

Guest Speakers:

Elise Phamgia (BE)

Audrey Guerre (FR)

Philip Kolvin QC (UK)

Paulo Furtado (PT)

Sérgio Hydalgo (PT)

Music Journalism: tools, strategies and targets

16:00 - 17:00

Different media specialized in music are using tools and communication strategies carried out in order to spread their contents in the digital era. Given the tendency to adopt standardized formats that are highly dependent on social networks, what are the differentiating factors that diverge media nowadays and how the music critics adjust to this new formats?

Guest Speakers:

Miguel Cadete (PT)

Vítor Belanciano (PT)

Marta Salicru (ES)

Helienne Lindvall (UK)

Luís Oliveira (PT)

Agents: Myths and Facts

17:00 - 18:00

A panel with some of the best european agents get together in this talk and share about their secret methods and practices to get their artists on international circuits as well as the components behind the selection of artists to work with.

Guest Speakers:

Isilda Sanches (PT)

Bob Van Heur (NL)

Márcio Laranjeira (PT)

Miguel Garrido (ES)

Cecile Communal (UK)

Brazilian Music Market Insights

15:30 - 16:30

Brazil is the biggest music market in Latin America, being on the top performing global markets for recorded music. Outstanding players in brazilian music market are responsible for propelling the exportation of this market’s features and specificities.


Guest Speakers:

Fabricio Nobre (BR)

Fabiana Batistela (BR)

Eduardo Porto (BR)

Communication and content creation

10:30 - 12:30

What’s your dream creative job? Want to know how to get it in just a few easy steps? The “Communication And Content Creation Masterclass” draws from Keith Vaz’s vast experience in the sectors of; the Music Industry, Social Media Industry, Filmmaking & Content Creation, Business & Team Management, and Commercials Directing in the Film Industry. Keith will share learnings and tangible takeaways from each sector, and most importantly, the secret keys and insider tricks for “How To Get Any Creative Job You Desire”… the overarching theme of this masterclass.


Guest Speakers:

Keith Vaz (UK)

From creation to remuneration: how to improve your revenues by better copyright management of your works?

14:30 - 15:30

As the music industry revenue recorded its second year of growth in 2016, music rights management is more than ever crucial for artists and music business professionals. Copyright revenue is the result of good copyright management. This starts with how the works are registered, but that is not all. How can we collectively deal with this increasingly challenging, complex and more and more international rights’ management?

Guest Speakers:

Aline Jelen (FR)

Virginia Dias Caron (FR)

Meet the Brazilian: SIM São Paulo Reception

18:00 - 19:30

SIM São Paulo invites for a networking session with Brazil. ATR will held a dj set.

Alain Lahana

10:30 - 11:30

Alain Lahana is a concert promoter. When he was 17, he started to organise alternative gigs in Toulouse (France), which helped him land a job as part of the management team for Magma at 19. Alain has had many prestigious collaborations, from David Bowie, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode and Phil Collins.

In 1977, he created the first Punk festival in France with artists such as Clash, Police, The Damned, The Jam…

He went on to create Rat des Villes, promoting memorable concerts (his first at the Stade du France was in 1998 with the Rolling Stones), managing and producing artists (Carla Bruni, Paul Personne, Stephan Eicher) and promoting shows for Patti Smith, Iggy & the Stooges, Ayo, Rachid Taha, Saul Williams, Féfé, Zaza Fournier, GiedRé…

A life in the service of the music and the artists and so many stories to share.

Guest Speakers:

Alain Lahana (FR)

Allan McGowan (UK)

06 Apr

Music and Activism

17:00 - 18:00

Contrary to the idea that musicians are becoming disconnected to politics, there are artists and others music agents focused on restoring the idea of music as a politicised space. In this debate, artists that embrace collective activist actions and representatives of festivals whose programme addresses social causes discuss the impact that results from this political attitude.

Guest Speakers:


Melissa Perales (DE)

Daniel Erlacher (AT)

José Moura (PT)

Rui Portulez (PT)

Music Moves Europe – The EU's ambition for the music sector

11:30 - 12:30

While the EU is at a crossroads between conflicting political visions, the debate on European values and identity has never been higher on the agenda. Culture, once a non-subject in the EU policy debate, is becoming a hot topic in this context. And music, being one of the biggest cultural and creative sectors, is now at the center of the stage.

“Music Moves Europe” is the action carried out by the European Union to pave the way for a fully-fledged European music funding programme after 2020. Initially developed in 2016 through meetings with key European music industry stakeholders to identify the main challenges facing the sector, this ambition action has received funding from the European Parliament to develop pilot activities in 2018. In times of changing dynamics in the industry, the Music Moves Europe action could dramatically change the way music operators are supported, funded and promoted at European level and beyond.

Our high-level panel of speakers will address the EU’s new strategy to support the music sector, the various challenges ahead, and the ambitious goal to set up the first ever European funding instrument for all the branches of the music ecosystem.

[Talk in English] 

Guest Speakers:

Fabien Miclet (FR)

Sarah Brunet (FR)

Matthieu Philibert (FR)

Sophie Goosens (BE)

Sofia Alves (PT)

Susana Costa Pereira (PT)

The now and then of Cape Verdean sounds

16:00 - 17:00

Cape Verde has a rich music heritage, being the birthplace of funaná, coladera, morna and batuque. Its music identity reflects the region’s diversity. The island’s music scene is starting to becoming more known through the new trends that aim to go beyond world music, resulting in a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles. The Cape Verdean music scene is introduced by key players on the promotion and research for this country’s old and new best kept secrets.


Guest Speakers:

Wilson Vilares (CPV)

Os Tubarões (CPV)

Miriam Brenner (NL)

If it's a brand, think like it: music marketing strategies for bands

10:30 - 12:30

Matthew Errington, Director of School of Music Business of London, shares his know-how about music marketing strategies that can help constructing the brand identity of a band. Matthew is also working as an artist manager. Matt will answer one of the common questions he gets asked: what is my brand and how do I define it, refine it, and implement it?

Drawing from his own career, he will explain the three important elements of discovering your brand identity and why it’s so important. Then, look at how to skillfully implement it for maximum effect and examining why brand in music is more important than ever, in this streaming dominated world, and how some changes can take you from a few hundred plays to millions.

Guest Speakers:

Matthew Errington (UK)

Meet the Brazilian

13:30 - 13:30

The Brazilian Music Market is the biggest market in Latin America and holds a position within the top 10 biggest music markets in the phonograph industry. Get a chance to know the brazilian professionals that are responsible for the exportation of the brazilian music.

Professionals: Juliano Zappia (Sete Mares), Eduardo Porto (Let’s Gig/ Festival Contato), Fabiana Batistela (SIM SÃO PAULO), Fabricio Nobre (Festival Bananada), Andre Bourgeois (Urban Jungle), Rodrigo da Matta (BossaFM) and Anabela Cunha (Connecting Dots).

Guest Speakers:

Fabricio Nobre (BR)

Fabiana Batistela (BR)

André Bourgeois (BR)

Eduardo Porto (BR)

Anabela Cunha (BR)

Meet the Spanish - Reception

18:00 - 19:30

Join the Spanish delegates for a networking reception. Professionals from Mercat de Musica Viva de Vic, Monkey Week or Charco Musica have already confirmed their presence.

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