Liveurope Online Festival happens on September 24 and 25 with 3 hours of streamed concerts and a conference programme aimed at live music sector professionals. 

No MIL after MIL a discussão e a partilha de experiências entre profissionais dos setores da música e da cultura faz-se ao vivo. No dia 28 de setembro, no Village Underground Lisboa, um ciclo sobre igualdade de género e representatividade vai contar com uma apresentação e debate organizado pela rede Keychange e uma mesa redonda organizada em parceria…

MIL after MIL will bring together music professionals to debate and share experiences live in person. On September 14, at Bibilioteca de Marvila, a series about the topic “music and cities” will feature a masterclass with Lutz Leichsenring and panel about the future of Lisbon as a music city. 

The second MIL after MIL series is focused on the topic of environment and sustainability and will take place at Centro de Interpretação do Monsanto with a videoconference keynote and workshop by Julie’s Bicycle and a debate on the music industry and the carbon footprint.

  How is it stored, managed and distributed? 

  A talk moderated and curated by CURA Collectif.