We are working to make MIL a more accessible festival. Consult our accessibility information for our convention and music festival.


ACCESS tickets are for the mobility impaired and Deaf and are on sale now. They include admission for a personal assistant/accompanying person who has a reserved seat next to you.


Physical acessibility

  • Every room where the event happens are accessible, with the exception of the Mezzanine, whose only access is by stairs.
  • It is possible to reserve parking via email accessibility@ctlisbon.com
  • There is a temporary stop for your own car/taxi/TVDE.
  • Most buses in Carris fleet are adapted with accessibility conditions. We recommend visiting this page to plan your bus trip.
  • There is an accessible route on the MIL that connects the various essential service points
  • Every bathroom in Factory available to the public of the event is accessible.


Tomás Wallenstein‘s showcase will have Portuguese Sign Language interpretation. The concert will take place at 23:15 at Auditório ETIC.


Physical Accessibility

If you have any questions about the accessibility of the venues where the concerts take place in Cais do Sodré, please send us an email: accessibility@ctlisbon.com