Is the European music industry in good shape?01:53 - 01:53 Event Type :Talk

The emergency of a music monopoly01:59 - 01:59 Event Type :Talk

Artist Management by ARDA Academy13:34 - 13:34 Event Type :Workshop

Touring and sustainability14:35 - 14:35 Event Type :Talk

Big data at the service of music industry14:54 - 14:54 Event Type :Talk

The streaming economy14:57 - 14:57 Event Type :Talk

We need to talk about accessibility15:02 - 15:02 Event Type :Talk

Why we need to measure the value of live music spaces in the cities15:05 - 15:05 Event Type :Talk

Initiatives for a sustainable industry15:11 - 15:11 Event Type :Talk

Building artistic communities from cultural spaces15:13 - 15:13 Event Type :Talk

On Copyright with SACEM15:23 - 15:23 Event Type :Talk

Rethinking music video formats today15:25 - 15:25 Event Type :Talk

Podcasts as marketing tools15:31 - 15:31 Event Type :Talk

Where does art stand in a political divisive context?15:42 - 15:42 Event Type :Talk

Music trends: from regional to global15:55 - 15:55 Event Type :Talk

Conexão Brasil-Portugal16:37 - 16:37 Event Type :Talk

Why do you (still) need an agent?17:08 - 17:08 Event Type :Talk

Collective power: representing the rights and interest of the music sector19:42 - 19:42 Event Type :Talk

How music festivals became such a big business20:50 - 20:50 Event Type :Talk

Label Hunting21:10 - 21:10 Event Type :Talk

Image and music sync: good practices21:47 - 21:47 Event Type :Workshop

What does it mean to be a musician-slasher?21:50 - 21:50 Event Type :Talk

Lisbon: a music city?22:15 - 22:15 Event Type :Talk

Pode o rap ser um elemento unificador da lusofonia?22:18 - 22:18 Event Type :Talk

Data Analytics: understanding cross-platform performance22:23 - 22:23 Event Type :Masterclass

Measuring the value of live music space in the cities22:28 - 22:28 Event Type :Masterclass

Sustaining Creativity: a keynote with Lucy Latham22:33 - 22:33 Event Type :Keynote

Making Le Guess Who? a keynote interview with Bob Van Heur22:35 - 22:35 Event Type :Keynote

A importância das publicações indepedentes na criação de comunidades22:40 - 22:40 Event Type :Talk

Building a successful promotion campaign by Partisan Records22:45 - 22:45 Event Type :Masterclass

Innovation in the Creative Industries: keynote with Yvan Boudillet23:01 - 23:01 Event Type :Keynote