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September 21, 2022 ConventionInformations

How to transition from urban to rural spaces as a cultural space? What Portuguese artists, managers and agents should know about visas and international mobility? Have you ever created an NFT to see what web 3.0 can represent for music communities? What’s it like to be a womxn in artist management? Is sustainable touring possible? Discover and register to take part in MIL 2022 workshops.

Rural Radicals

with Ella Overkleeft (Trans Europe Halles/Rural Radicals)

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As cities become increasingly over-surveilled, rent prices skyrocket, and market competition reigns, many people are considering abandoning the city life to enjoy the airs of the countryside. But where does one start? A change from urban to rural can be quite intimidating. It takes a lot of courage and effort to make the step and the non-urban environment requires different skills and strategies. This workshop intends to provide support to make such a transition: together with three rural creative space-makers, we will discuss a wide variety of topics that can help participants to engage with and in the rural world.



Internacionalização: O que saber sobre Visas e Mobilidade

com Mafalda Sebastião (Pólo Cultural das Gaivotas) | hosted in Portuguese

Quando um profissional residente num determinado país vai trabalhar temporariamente noutro país, como acontece na mobilidade internacional de profissionais na área da cultura, é necessário acautelar de um conjunto de questões burocráticas que se prendem com impostos, segurança social e vistos. Com este encontro pretendemos transmitir como, na prática, este três assuntos se resolvem, tentando, assim, que a mobilidade internacional – essencial à criação, à difusão e ao setor – não fique prejudicada por dificuldades administrativas. Que os artistas sejam mais livres para ir e vir.



Infrastructures for a decentralized music future: WEB3

with Kaitlyn Davies (Refraction)

Music has a complicated and invariably intertwined relationship with the communities which participate, engender and enable its production. From DIY venues to major record labels, community-building currently stands as one of the most difficult, rewarding and profitable means of being a music practitioner, particularly in the age of social network and streaming platforms. What could a more equitable, horizontal and distributed future for music communities look like? Join Kaitlyn Davies on an exploration of what web3 and decentralised autonomous organising enabled by blockchains can offer artists and music maintainers. This session will take place in 2 parts: a hands-on workshop as a practical investigation of these infrastructures, followed by a masterclass presenting the findings and exploring concepts further.


Music Venues as Cataclysts Of Change

with Craig Pennigton (Future Yard CIC)
Venues need to develop new models that see them driving forward progressive change in their towns and cities, contributing new value to society and in turn generating new revenue streams. To achieve this successfully, venues most also play an active role in public policy, both in their towns and cities, but also regionally and nationally. Future Yard CIC is a non-profit independent live music venue in Birkenhead, Liverpool, UK. Over the last two years we have launched one of the UKs most dynamic new music venues, a range of skills & training programmes, an artist development incubator, led regional music policy and attracted over £2.3m in grant funding. In this workshop we will examine our ‘Community Music Venue’ model, share our learning and explore options for Circuito’s members to take this learning into their own venues and across the network.

Womxn in Artist Management

with Charlotte Caleb (AWAL/cSquared) & Meghan Stephens (artist manager)

Led by artist managers Charlotte Caleb (UK) and Meghan Stephens (PT), this half-day workshop will bring womxn in management together to share and solve problems in a safe, inclusive space. Through conversation and collaboration, the goal is to help managers find commonalities as well as overcome individual challenges, isolating pain points and identifying paths forward. Come prepared to share your artists, your goals and your experiences, leave with actionable takeaways and new connections in the industry.



Sustainable Touring [CANCELED]

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