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ciclo ambiente e sustentabilidade | MIL after MIL

September 8, 2020 MIL after MILTalks

The second MIL after MIL series is focused on the topic of environment and sustainability and will take place at Centro de Interpretação do Monsanto with a videoconference keynote and workshop by Julie’s Bicycle and a debate on the music industry and the carbon footprint.

_  environment and sustainability series _
September 24 @ Centro de Interpretação de Monsanto

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10:00 – 11:00 | Sustaining Creativity
videoconference keynote with Lucy Latham (UK) / Julie’s Bicycle

How can cultural and creative industries be more sustainable? Is the idea of ​​sustainable creativity possible? Lucy Latham, Policy and Cities Programme Lead for Julie’s Bicycle, will feature a keynote presentation on sustainability in the creative and cultural industries sector. Based on the research work that the British charity institution has been carrying out on the environmental impact of this sector, Lucy Latham will present some indicators that demonstrate the dimension of this problem and reflect on how creative communities should reorient their activities, making them more sustainable.

11:30 – 12:30 | Visita ao Espaço Biodiversidade

14:00 – 16:00 | Sustainable Practices in the music industry
videoconfere workshop with Lucy Latham (UK) / Julie’s Bicycle

Work session about the best pratices cultural entities should adopt to guarantee more sustainable habits and reduce the carbon footprint. 

16:30 – 17:30Music industry and the carbon footprint
talk with Carolina Ferreira (PT), Artur Mendes (PT), Dora Palma (PT) e Lucy Latham (UK)

The impact of the music industry in the carbon footprint is outsized. Besides touring and the artists’ individual carbon footprint, there’s the impact of musical production and consumption, music festivals, and others. Do we all, audience, agents, musicians and such have an important role to play in this pressing issue? How can we rethink music production with a more sustainable approach? It is possible to stage design and lighting to be more “green”? How are music festival answering to this negative tendency?

  • September 14: ciclo “música e cidades” @ Biblioteca de Marvila + info
  • September 28: ciclo “igualdade, género e representatividade” @ Village Underground Lisboa + info em breve



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