Believing that the future of culture is the future of ‘live’, MIL 2021 convention programme brings in a critical reflection on digital transformation.

How to start again the inevitable path that leads us to digital space? But who owns this space? And what bodies will make it more accessible and democratic? How to fight the growing power of big tech companies and create antitrust regulation? Which new streaming models and politics should be designed? Is it possible to resist - and fight - virtual space? Is there a way, after all, to transform the digital space and democratize it?

But the future of culture, as we said, is the future of “live”. So, there is a whole live culture ecosystem that needs to be protected. But how? How to resume offline connections with our audiences and build new communities? What is the importance of grassroots groups, spaces and communities for the rise of networks of hope and resistance? Why are cultural policies so crucial to protect the ecosystem of live culture? If we are at risk of losing a generation of new artists, how to work with local artists and its circuits and enable their growth?

These are some questions we bring to the center of the debate at the MIL convention. On our SPEAKERS page you can find the first speakers that will try to answer them at our keynotes, masterclasses and talks.

As always, MIL is also a space for networking and for sharing work tools that empower artists and other culture and music professionals through a programme of workshops. Networks such as Keychange, MEWEM Europe, a mentoring project for women in the music industry, and SLASH, a learning programme for songwriters-producers, who all reinforce the importance of investing in empowering politics and training, will attend MIL to meet and share experiences and methodologies. Furthermore, Liveurope, a platform for the new European talent, will meet at MIL with their network of 16 iconic European music venues.

The exchange and business opportunities with the professionals present at MIL 2021 are endless, be it at informal meetings, speed meetings or with the help of MIL’s professional database.

MIL convention full programme will be available on August 6.