28.29.30 SET‘22


Rita Campos Costa (PT)

Artistic Coordinator  - Frenesim

Rita is the captain of the ship and half of the seed that spawned the Frenzy. In this house, she is a mentor and artistic and pedagogical coordinator. From an early age, she immersed herself in artistic training, music and theater, and later specialized in the Right to Education, with additional training in artistic leadership with the community. She works in the field as an artist-pedagogue, using the collective artistic practice as a way of bringing people, ideas and worlds together. She uses art and plural artistic creation as an engine of change, personal work and the creation of a fertile community as it stands out for the transversality of the public it reaches, from babies to patients with Alzheimer’s, from the project in a refugee camp to work in homes for reception of children and young people. She is a member of the female ensemble acappella Sopa de Pedra, of which she is co-founder. She dreams that days can have 48 hours, so that everything is possible.

Events with this Speaker

Friday, 30 September – 15:0 – 15:30FrenesimPresentation Room – Factory LisbonEvent Type :Music IndustryPresentation

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