september 27 - 28 - 29 cais do sodré, lisboa


Rastafogo (BR)

RASTAFOGO brings together 4 multi-instrumentalists from the Northeast of Brazil, who aim to explore the cultural expressions of their region. Formed in Lisbon, the project is based on forró and its variations, presenting a show full of energy and affection as a moment of unity among people. With only their first single released, their first year has seen thousands of revelers at their concerts, including distinguished guests such as Alceu Valença, Julia Vargas, Jhon Douglas, and Guga Santos, and over 110 thousand views on their social media. Rastafogo is currently experiencing a moment of ascent and emerges as a new exponent of Brazilian music in Europe. Bringing the warmth and playfulness of the Brazilian Northeastern people, the project quickly caught the attention of the local audience and producers. From Paraíba, Pernambuco, and Sergipe, in Brazil. “Rasta” comes from “arrastar” (to drag). “Fogo” comes from the “pífano” (a type of flute), the accordion bellows, the strings, and the leather!

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