25.26.27 MAR‘20


Odete (PT)

DJ/Producer  - Radio Quântica

Odete works between the field of writing, music, performance and visual arts – her work is explicitly autobiographic, making clear the border between the personal and politics. She describes her music as a sensorial theory for a weary girlhood – a ghost warrior that becomes visible through mixing. Through transitioning. Failure, silence, brokenness and emptiness as the basis of a queer dramaturgy of track making. Her sets are something between background noises of a funeral recorded through a smartphone mixed with samples of things being destroyed – beats that traverse the history of queer music – vogue claps, sapphic fragments, industrial beats, punk screams

Events with this Speaker

Growing Trends: Sound of LisbonThursday, 28 March – 10:00 – 11:00 Talks Room 1 – Palacete dos Marqueses do PombalEvent Type :Talk

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