25.26.27 MAR‘20

Mundo Segundo MIL

Mundo Segundo (PT)

Manager  - Carina Silva | MEDIAsounds milMundo Segundo

World According to an indispensable figure in Portuguese Hip Hop. Since 1990, he is one of its most important ambassadors. Creator of the mythical “Nova Gaia Hip-Hop Sessions”, over ten years he had hosted bands from north to south of the country at the old Hard Club, in Gaia, Porto. It is an integral part of the Dealema, a serious case of longevity. It has already opened shows for musicians such as MOP, Dilated Peoples, Masta Ace, Marco Polo, Pharao Monch and Beatnuts.

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Pode o rap ser um elemento unificador da lusofonia?Wednesday, 25 March – 22:18 – 22:18 Event Type :Talk

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