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Luís Viegas (PT)

Founder  - Ao Sul do Mundo CRL

He started his activity as a cultural agent and producer in 1999, having worked with artists such as James, St. Germain, Fernanda Abreu, Martinho da Vila, among others. In 2002, together with Ricardo Simões, they founded Smog – Produções Culturais, which for about 11 years produced and promoted artists such as Emir Kusturica & No Smoking Orchestra, Yann Tiersen, Jane Monhait & Ivan Lins, Luisa Maita, Hugh Laurie & The Copper Bottom Band, Blur, Patricia Barber, among many others. In 2013, he founded, together with 4 other cooperators, where another 3 will join, the production, management, agency and publishing cooperative, Ao Sul do Mundo CRL. At Ao Sul do Mundo, he is responsible for the management of artists such as Conan Osiris (PT), Selma Uamusse (Mozambique), Bulimundo (Cape Verde), as well as for the international agency of the Portuguese-Angolan project Throes + The Shine, and the Portuguese Fausto Bordalo Dias and MEDEIROS/LUCAS. Regarding the placement of international artists in the Portuguese market, Ao Sul do Mundo is a partner of the most important festivals that take place in Portugal, ranging from mainstream aesthetics to electronic trance through Jazz and Music of the World.

Events with this Speaker

Live touring A.C: challenges and strategiesFriday, 17 September – 10:00 – 11:00 Casa do Capitão – Hub Criativo do BeatoEvent Type :Talk

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