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Lucy Latham MIL

Lucy Latham (UK)

Arts Council England and Policy Programmes Lead  - Julie's Bicycle Lucy Lathammil

Lucy joined Julie’s Bicycle in 2013 to work with key cultural actors in the UK and internationally, delivering research, training, consultancy and advocating for the strategic integration of environmental and climate action within the cultural economy. Lucy leads on delivery of Julie’s Bicycle’s partnership with Arts Council England to inspire and support environmental action across the arts and culture sector. She also works across Julie’s Bicycle’s Policy and Cities programme, focusing on the role of culture in driving urban transformation, convening cultural and environmental stakeholders in cities.

Events with this Speaker

Touring and sustainabilityWednesday, 25 March – 14:35 – 14:35 Event Type :Talk

Sustaining Creativity: a keynote with Lucy LathamWednesday, 25 March – 22:33 – 22:33 Event Type :Keynote

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