september 27 - 28 - 29 cais do sodré, lisboa


José de Pina (PT)

José Maria Baessa De Pina, a historian of his own reality and a storyteller of intergenerational tales, speaks about presence and territory. He began his artistic journey as a dancer in the MAC (Movimento Apostolado das Crianças) dance group at the Bairro 6 de Maio Social Center and was also part of the groups Estrelas Cabo-Verdianas and Estrela de Paz, later known as Sankofa Black Gold. In the music realm, he started as a member of the rap group BFH. As an activist and a cultural and social organizer, he is a leader of the Cavaleiros de São Brás Association. He promotes the cultural movement in Casal da Boba and is involved in the management of the musical group Batukaderas Bandeirinhas Pan-Africanist. He energizes and drives community events with the aim of stimulating the local economy. Over time, he has collaborated with the collective for mutual aid and self-management called Nu Sta Djunto, and has been involved in various initiatives, including the campaign “Por outra Lei da Nacionalidade” (For Another Nationality Law), Vida Justa (Fair Life), the right to housing, and against police violence.

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