september 27 - 28 - 29 cais do sodré, lisboa


Jesualdo Lopes (PT)

- The Blacker The Berry Project

Jesualdo Lopes (b. 2000) is a versatile filmmaker, independent curator, creative director and model dedicated to bringing stories to life through visual mediums. Graduated from The Northern Film School at Leeds Beckett University with vast experience in short film, music video, and reality television production, Jesualdo has honed his skills in crafting captivating narratives and creating immersive experiences between the UK and Portugal. His journey in the creative industry and the foundation of the creative collective The Blacker The Berry Project has provided him with diverse opportunities to curate and manage a wide range of events, including club nights, exhibitions, and conferences.

Jesualdo has successfully conceptualised and executed events that engage and inspire audiences, blending creativity, logistical expertise, and a deep understanding of audience preferences. In his filmmaking endeavours, Jesualdo produced impactful short films and music videos, showcasing his ability to translate ideas into compelling visual narratives. He takes pride in his collaborative approach, working closely with talented teams and emerging talent to bring visions to life and ensure a seamless production process.

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