28.29.30 SET‘22


Inês Henriques (PT)

Broadcaster  - VodafoneFM

In the course of Social Communication, in Coimbra, she founded the equator of the two hemispheres that comprise it – Photography and Voice. She specialized in the first when attending Ar.co in Lisbon and discovered the second when she moved to Oporto. It is still in Invicta that life presents her with an enormous challenge and it is in overcoming this challenge that her vocation presents itself to her – the Voice. Never leaving Photography aside, but now with more knowledge of who she is, she returns in 2019 to Lisbon to join the Vodafone Fm family, reconnecting with music beyond the lens. Genuinely attracted and moved by the feminine essence of the world, she intends to tell a story with every shot and deliver it in every word. Sensitive and transcendent, it continues without constantly improving its language.

Events with this Speaker

New perspectives for music festivalsThursday, 16 September – 16:00 – 17:00 EGEAC Room 2 – Hub Criativo do BeatoEvent Type :Talk

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