28.29.30 SET‘22


Inês Coutinho (PT)

Artist  - Rádio Quântica / naive / mina

In her hometown, Lisbon, Violet contributes to the local scene in many ways. She is co-founder of online radio Rádio Quântica and also a resident of the mine – a queer rave in unlikely spaces. These contributions are reflected in Violet’s work as an artist, reflecting in a reflective way the political history of dance music through her voice and music. As a producer, she edited at One Eyed Jacks and Love On The Rocks, independently edited collaborations with artists such as ELLES, DEBONAIR and Nightwave for International Women’s Day, made remixes for Cómeme, Teto Preto, Kim Ann Foxman, Josh Caffe and created its own publisher – Naive. His EP “Togetherness”, which opened the label, was considered one of the tracks of the decade by Resident Advisor. In 2019, he released his debut album on the Dark Entries label, which was followed by another this year, accompanied by his 6th solo EP later. Violet incorporates sounds similar to her production process in her DJing, bringing together alien rhythms, imaginative techno, acid house mutations and more, in a way that feels natural and intricate at the same time. She contributed mixes to series such as Beats In Space, Crack, The Ransom Note, Mixmag, Phonica and DJ Mag, and was present on radio stations such as NTS, The Lot, and the legendary Rinse – where she maintains a monthly residency. Violet has played across Europe at parties and clubs such as Room 4 Resistance, Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin Atonal, Field Maneuvers, Unsound, Gamma and Dekmantel. She also embarked on several tours in the United States – where she has made repeated visits to institutions such as Smartbar in Chicago, The Stud in San Francisco and Good Room in New York – and also Brazil, Egypt, Australia and Asia in recent years.

Events with this Speaker

The future of music is liveWednesday, 15 September – 14:00 – 15:00 EGEAC Room 2 – Hub Criativo do BeatoEvent Type :Talk

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