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Gustavo Ciríaco (BR)

Time-based and participatory artist  - Gustavo Ciríaco

Gustavo Ciríaco (Rio de Janeiro) is a choreographer and contextual artist based in Lisbon. With a degree in Political Science from the Institute of Philosophy and Social Sciences-UFRJ and Contemporary Dance from the Angel Vianna School (Rio de Janeiro), he transits in his work between the performing arts and the visual arts, architecture, anthropology and landscaping. Marked by a pronounced site-specific profile, his works bring together context and architecture, geography and housing, reality and fiction, in an ongoing research into the extensive fields of the art of dance making. Ciríaco has worked transversally across different fields of knowledge and the arts, and their different modes of interaction, bringing together tools and insights on how to deal with common time and space. To this end, he has involved dance, theater, video, landscape constructions, storytelling and urban actions in conversation pieces where the dimensions of the encounter are the inspirations for fictions and shared situations. His latest project, Cobertos pelo Céu, brings together a collection of participatory performances and installations around the experience of landscape lived by Portuguese and Latin American artists. Since 2018, Ciríaco has been a research artist in the program Third – DAS Research, AhK, Amsterdam.

Events with this Speaker

Friday, 30 September – 14:30 – 15:30Participatory arts – a postponed revolution?Main Hall – Factory LisbonEvent Type :Cultural PoliciesTalk

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