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Gisela Casimiro (PT)

Moderater  - Conversation cycle "We must speak".

Gisela Casimiro is a Portuguese writer and artist. She published “Erosion” and was part of several anthologies. In recent years, she has written chronicles in Hoje Macau, Buala e Contemporânea. She was‌ ‌a guest author‌ International‌ ‌Young‌ ‌Writers‌ ‌Meeting‌ ‌(Turkey),‌ ‌Route‌ ‌das‌ ‌Letters‌ ‌(Macau),‌ ‌Resilience‌ ‌(Mozambique),‌Portugal ‌FOLIO‌ book fair,Lisbon/Oporto and Walking Life(Portugal). At the CCB, Pólo Cultural das Gaivotas and Teatro São Luiz. She participated in exhibitions at the Armário, ZDB, Balcony, Casa do Capitão and the National Museum of Ethnology. Collaborates with various theaters, museums, associations and festivals. She is the creator and moderator of the conversation cycle “We must speak”.

Events with this Speaker

Making an impact with – and out of – artFriday, 17 September – EGEAC Room 2 – Hub Criativo do BeatoEvent Type :Talk

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