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Esteban Ruiz (ES)

Lead Project Manager  - Rocknrolla Producciones y Eventos Culturales SL

Esteban is a musician who runs a tiny record label. Also, the guy behind the curtain in a number of cultural and music industry adventures and social projects and initiatives at both Rocknrolla Producciones and WOCA Foundation. He started releasing records and touring in the late 90s with Renochild, later formed The Baltic Sea and finally found his true musical voice when he joined forces with José A. Pérez and formed I am Dive. Since then, the band has toured in Europe, North America and Asia and founded their very own record label, WeAreWolves Records; hundreds of shows and thirteen records with I am Dive (soon to be fourteen), and more than thirty references published at WeAreWolves Records since 2013 prove him right when he states you just got to love the process and keep working. In 2016, Ruiz joined Rocknrolla Producciones as Head of Production at Sala X (Seville), one of the top venues in Spain, becoming also Lead Project Manager in the company when the Covid-19 crisis forced them to stop all concerts and events. He led the design of TransEuropeCREATE! and coordinates SCENERGIES, among others, and is now also Project Leader at WOCA Foundation.

Events with this Speaker

Friday, 30 September – 10:30 – 11:30Can new music thrive in the digital age?Main Hall – Factory LisbonEvent Type :Music IndustryTalk

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