september 27 - 28 - 29 cais do sodré, lisboa



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Singer, songwriter and filmmaker from Lisbon, ela li debuts under her own name after years of touring the biggest stages in the country (singing in projects as diverse as Mirror People, Maria Reis or Flak) and a stint at the 2019 Festival da Canção, under the name Ela Limão. “Choradeira”, her first single, is a manifesto to accepting pain as a natural part of the overcoming process, a learning that makes us stronger and allows us to create something wonderful in its place. This concept has a brilliant visual representation in the form of the video directed by Diana Antunes. In the words of the artist:”It is like a request from me for someone to take it away. But who endes up answering me is itself (the pain). In the spoken word section, it is the pain that speaks to me. It’s a chase of two halves that can’t be separated. Me trying to leave it behind, but it always comes after. And, as it says, it’s the pain that drives me into the dark and makes me long for the light on the other side. “Choradeira” is the calling card of what will be ela li’s first record, and is also the song that gives it its name.


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Wednesday, 27 September – 15:30 – 16:30Day Stage: Ela Li (PT)Day Stage – Hub Creativo do BeatoEvent Type :Day StageMusic Industry

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