25.26.27 MAR‘20


Davide Pinheiro (PT)

Journalist  - Mesa de Mistura / Jornal i

Music is Davide’s motto. Whether writing for a blog or a newspaper, programming clubs or DJing, it all begins with feeding a voracious appetite of the unknown and then trying to seduce and connect people to the music. Davide’s a professional journalist since 2005, he wrote for Diário de Notícias, jornal i, Vogue and PARQ Magazines. He founded a personal blog called “Mesa de Mistura” in 2012 and he’s also a DJ and the musical programmer for Copenhagen, a club near Cais do Sodré, and Ferroviário, a rooftop in the east Lisbon.

Events with this Speaker

Healthy Road LifestyleThursday, 28 March – 17:45 – 18:45 Main Hall – Palacete dos Marqueses do PombalEvent Type :JUMPTalk

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