september 27 - 28 - 29 cais do sodré, lisboa


Daniel Félix (BR)

Daniel Félix was born in May 1981 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. He began his musical studies at the Brasília Music School, focusing on saxophone, music theory, and choral singing for four years. Later, he studied percussion at the renowned Raphael Rabello Choro School. With over 26 years of professional career, Daniel has recorded music on more than 15 albums, including CDs and DVDs, with artists such as Beth Carvalho, Diogo Nogueira, Ana Costa, Jorge Ben Jor, and more. Daniel Félix also served as secretary at the Responsa Institute, a social project located in the Querosene hill in the São Carlos complex in Rio de Janeiro. His recent work in Brazil has been with prominent Brazilian musicians, including the rap group “3030,” Makley Matos, Grupo Sururu na Roda, Almir Guineto, Flavinho Silva, and he is part of the musician team for the award-winning weekly program “Samba na Gamboa” hosted by singer Diogo Nogueira, which has been a leader in TV ratings on TV Brasil for years. Currently, he is part of several samba groups in the city of Lisbon, where he resides.

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