25.26.27 MAR‘20


Clare Scivier (UK)

- Your Green Room

Clare Scivier spent the first 20 years of her career in A&R for major labels and publishing companies working mainly in hip hop, house and electronic music (Cooltempo, Polydor, Deconstruction). Over the last 12 years Clare has applied techniques as a Behavioural Psychologist to make the journey as a creative (Artists/Writers/Producers/DJ’s/Business Executives) more healthy, sustainable and productive. With clients signed all over the world enjoying chart success Clare has made it her mission to improve the standards of wellbeing through-out the business gaining respect from the many documentaries, talks and panels she has worked on around the subject of mental health in music and is now in the process of setting up the first independent label (U.S) to include health and wellbeing as a standard service in the artists contracts, as well as ensuring performance, touring, social media, recording and writing are supported with training to alleviate stress and anxiety so that clients can perform and produce “like athletes”. Clare also works closely with addiction support experts and is highly experienced working with those who have mental health conditions and developmental disorders often found in talented musicians.


Events with this Speaker

Your Green RoomThursday, 28 March – 15:00 – 15:30 Presentations Room – Palacete dos Marqueses do PombalEvent Type :Presentation

Healthy Road LifestyleThursday, 28 March – 17:45 – 18:45 Main Hall – Palacete dos Marqueses do PombalEvent Type :JUMPTalk

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