25.26.27 MAR‘20

Ava Rocha MIL

Ava Rocha (BR)

Artist  - Ava Rocha Ava Rochamil

Ava Rocha is a Brazilian/Colombian singer, songwriter and filmmaker. Listed by the New York Times as one of the finest artists of 2015 and currently included on Iggy Pop’s playlist on BBC Radio 6 and indicated by Spotify as one of the 15 artists to be followed. Ava has already released 3 alguns: Diurno(2011), Ava Patrya Yndia Yracema(2015), and her latente one, Trança (2018). With a great and impressive repertoire and stage presence, Ava was able to travel all over Brazil and worldwide, impacting audiences in festivals and venues.

Events with this Speaker

Conexão Brasil-PortugalWednesday, 25 March – 14:00 – 15:00 Talks Room 1 – Palacete dos Marqueses do PombalEvent Type :Talk

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