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Alvaro Romero (ES)

Artist  - Alvaro Romero

From the poetic entrails of Lorca to the uncomfortable expressionism of cult film-maker Val del Omar, Álvaro Romero is a tireless seeker of beauty, in heaven or in the gutter. Like William Burroughs in the middle of a flamenco rave. His cannibal desire to devour knowledge betrays him: for this native of El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz, the cradle of flamenco), art is promiscuous by nature. He’s a kamikaze aviator in constant free fall. Restless, adventurous, dynamiting genres, Romero is the Unabomber of flamenco 2.0, a natural born experimenter called to challenge prejudices with the temperance of who is considered man, woman and voice at the same time. Álvaro is currently working with Malaga-born producer Toni Martín on a project that has already brought tears to the public of the last edition of Monkey Week. Starting from a resounding electronic, glitchy backing of quasi-industrial heritage and propped up on lyrics by homosexual poets such as the Chilean Pedro Lemebel, between Sleaford Mods and alt.flamenco legends Lole&Manuel, RomeroMartín take you on a journey through the abyss that separates love from hate.

Events with this Speaker

Rooting the Avant-garde in Traditional Stocks: Musical Dialogues in Uncertain TimesWednesday, 15 September – 16:00 – 17:00 Startup Lisboa Main Hall – Hub Criativo do BeatoEvent Type :Talk

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