september 27 - 28 - 29 cais do sodré, lisboa



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ACID ACID was created by musician and Radio broadcaster Tiago Castro at the end of 2014 when he accepted a challenge from the Lisbon based promoter Nariz Entupido for a concert. Since then, things have unfolded quickly, with a succession of concerts and participation in festivals. At the same time Tiago Castro began recording his first album. He recruited Tiago Raposinho for the production, who has meanwhile distinguished himself in Cinema as Sound Director, even being awarded the Sophia Prize for the film “Variações” in 2020. The debut album was released in 2016 through Nariz Entupido label. In addition to the production of Tiago Raposinho, the record also has the contribution of Baltazar Molina in percussions. This is followed by a live edition (actually the second release in concert, after a CD-R in 2015), the result of a partnership with the legendary musician Vítor Rua (G.N.R.; Telectu). It all happened on the stage of the extinct Sabotage Club in Lisbon in 2016, a concert that saw a digital release in April 2018 (and in 2023 in physical format, in K7 audio). ACID ACID’s most recent work is “JODOROWSKY”, created in the studio after a concert at the invitation of MOTELX – Lisbon International Horror Festival, as part of a tribute to Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky. The show, at Largo da Rua da Moeda in Lisbon, had the collaboration of Violeta Azevedo (flute and effects manipulation) and the production company Droid – I.D. who contributed
with the visuals. After the concert, Tiago Castro went to the Spring Toast studio where he worked with
producer Rui Antunes and Violeta Azevedo. The result is “JODOROWSKY”, very well received by critics in 2020 (and even placed among the best albums of the year for the BLITZ magazine website, for example). ACID ACID is currently working on the music for a next album.


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Wednesday, 27 September – 16:30 – 17:00Day Stage: Acid Acid (PT)Day Stage – Hub Criativo do BeatoEvent Type :Day StageMusic Industry

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