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Salve Brasil! MIL is going to SIM São Paulo with portuguese delegation

November 21, 2019 Informations

Blu Samu, Fado Bicha, Pedro Mafama, PAUS e Throes + The Shine will play at SIM São Paulo. Due to the strong partnership between MIL and SIM São Paulo that aims to build a connection between the two Portuguese-speaking music markets, these five artists will play at one of the most important music conventions in Latin America.

Pedro Mafama and Throes + The Shine were selected by SIM’s board members to integrate the line up of SIM São Paulo’s daytime showcases. Mafama plays on December 6 at 5:20 pm and Throes + The Shine play on the following day at 3.40 pm. Both shows will take place at Sala Adoniran Barbosa at CCSP.

On December 5, MIL partnered up with Portugal Muito Maior to promote a networking cocktail featuring Fado Bicha, Paus and Blu Samu. The event happens at Jardim Suspenso (CCSP) between 5 pm and 7 pm.

On December 7, at 8 pm, Noite MIL na SIM will take place. The event promoted by both festivals brings to the stage of JazzNosFundos the five projects that are part of the Portuguese committee traveling to SIM and brazilian musician ÀIYÉ.

The presence of the Portuguese artists at this festival was supported by Fundação GDA and their International Showcase Fund.

+ info at simsaopaulo.com.br

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