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MIL URL talks

May 21, 2020 Convention

At MIL 2020, more than 30 talks were going to bring together professionals from the music and culture sectors in a unique sharing of knowledge and experiences.

So, to keep thinking about the present and the future of these sectors, we got back to some of the topics that were going to be discussed at MIL and put them up for discussion in online talks.

With MIL URL talks, we tried to reinforce MIL’s training and innovation components and adapt them to the current context. This training programme is also part of JUMP – European Music Market, training and tutorship programme funded by Creative Europe.

During the month of June, we will share on our socials the outcome of these five MIL URL talks, and on May 27 at 17:00 we’ll kick off this series with a facebook livestream panel in Portuguese about deconfinement process for the live music sector.

_ MIL URL talk live 27 de Maio, 17:00 @ facebook/millisboa

Synopsys: As the cultural spaces are slowly reopening, the time for the music sector to restart their activities might be closer. When the time comes, the sector must reinvent itself to adapt to this new reality. Is it possible to reopen doors, relaunch the sector while implementing public safety measures? Is there a way to compensate for the damage caused by reducing the venue’s capacity? Most importantly, how to regain the trust of the audiences? Music promoters and venues are brought together to think about the return to the stages.

_ next MIL URL talks _

  • Podcasts as marketing tools + info
  • Why we need to measure the value of live music spaces in the cities + info
  • The streaming economy + info
  • Is the European music industry in good shape? + info
  • Big data at the service of the music industry + info


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