september 27 - 28 - 29 cais do sodré, lisboa


MIL announces its full festival lineup

July 20, 2023 FestivalInformations

Find out while it’s a secret

MIL is returning to Lisbon from September 27th to 29th. The Festival’s full lineup offers over 50 concerts spread across various venues in Cais do Sodré.

The purpose remains the same: the discovery, promotion, valorization, and internationalization of contemporary popular music. Therefore, in addition to the music, hundreds of national and international professionals gather in Lisbon to exchange experiences, establish contacts, and discover new artists alongside the audience.

The selection of Portuguese artists for this seventh edition includes Ana Lua Caiano, a singer, songwriter, and producer who blends popular music with electronic and hip hop, and one of the main Portuguese names to watch out for this year. Papillon, a Portuguese rapper who made himself known as a member of the group GROGNation and established himself as an innovative, versatile artist and natural storyteller with the release of the well-received albums ‘Deepak Looper’ (2018) and ‘Jony Driver’ (2022). Other artists include Cobrafuma, Femme Falafel, a singer-songwriter and pianist from Caldas da Rainha, member of the projects Fumo Ninja and Super Baile, who performed solo with the singles “Cuidar De Umas Colmeias” (2021) and “Depressão” (2022), Glockenwise, Lucy Val, 5a Punkada, Hetta, Meia/Fé, an independent collective taking its first steps, composed of casaxangai, YUNG XALANA, and 80 TU & EU. Additionally, there are bbb Hairdryer, João Borsch, April Marmara, Margarida Campelo, Libra, Ellah Barbosa, Ricardo Crávidá, and Napa.

From the various countries participating in the festival, Brazil, Spain, and France bring the largest number of artists, continuing the festival’s relationship with the music of these countries. Directly from Brazil, Julia Mestre, the vocalist of the group Bala Desejo and one of the greatest promises of contemporary Brazilian Popular Music, and Getúlio Abelha are highlighted in the programming, along with Bebé, Leo Middea, Black Pantera, and Kaê Guajajara & Kandu. From Spain, MIL welcomes Paco Moreno, Tristan!, LaFrancessa, Amaia Miranda, Teo Planel, and Eurowitch, and from France, we have the pop electronica of Jenys, the post-punk of Société Etrange, the electronic noise-rock of YMNK, the exotic electronica of Cuarto Mundo, as well as Paper Tapes, Hanaa Ouassim, and Widad Mjama feat. Khalil Epi, showcasing the diversity of musical genres present at the festival.

Throughout the seven venues in Cais do Sodré where the festival takes place — Musicbox, Roterdão, Estúdio Time Out, Lounge, LISA, Titanic Sur Mer, and B.Leza — it will also be possible to listen to William Araújo, a Cape Verdean singer who already has a long solo career and has been part of Mobass, a renowned Cape Verdean band, and has produced artists like Nelson Freitas and Sara Tavares, as well as Johnny Labelle (Greece), Jessica Winter (UK), Shoko Igarashi (Belgium), Don Kapot (Belgium), Gaiko (Belgium), Body of Pain (Czech Republic), Tex (Norway), Krissy Mary (Norway), Badtime (Netherlands), Comforter2 (Netherlands), and Dina Jashari (Macedonia).

Numerous international festival programmers have already confirmed their presence in Lisbon, including Primavera Sound (Spain), Vida Festival (Spain), SINSAL (Spain), BAM Festival (Spain), Monkey Week (Spain), Nuis Sonores (France), MaMA Festival (France), SIM São Paulo (Brazil), Eurosonic Nooderslag (Netherlands), SHARPE (Slovakia), FiftyLab (Belgium), and many others. Additionally, programmers from various venues such as Sala Apolo (Spain), Sala X (Spain), Le Sucre (France), L’Aéronef (France), Sister Mindnight (France), Ancienne Belgique (Belgium), BLA (Norway), Palac Akropolis (Czech Republic), among others, will also be present.

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