september 27 - 28 - 29 cais do sodré, lisboa



September 22, 2023 Convention

Sounds From Spain is present at the Day Stage of the MIL Convention.

Sounds From Spain continues its commitment to the internationalization of Spanish music in Europe and, for the first time, will take part in the MIL Festival.

The platform was created to support the internationalization of the Spanish music industry, and includes public institutions such as ICEX Spain Export and Inversions, the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music-INAEM, and private institutions such as the Association of Artists AIE, representatives of the SGAE Foundation, the Association of Music Agents-ARTE, Music Producers Spain-Promusicae and the Independent Phonographic Union – UFI.

Fulfilling its mission to promote the internationalization of Spanish music, on September 29 Sounds From Spain is organizing a networking cocktail with showcases by 4 Spanish artists: Lia Kali (Propaganda PelFet), Malva Vela (Rootsound Music), Laura Low and Vicente Navarro(Discos El Tragaluz), who together with the Unión Fonográfica Independiente as the coordinating association of the activity will travel to Lisbon to take part in the Showcase.


Lia Kali discovered her love for music at a very young age, started performing in Barcelona and writing her own music, and gained popularity with her first singles in 2022. In March 2023, Lia released her first album “Contra Todo Pronóstico” and became one of the most sought after voices in the industry, proving that she cannot be limited by any label and navigating between genres.

Malva Vela, as a multidisciplinary artist, straddles five artistic universes: music, performance, literature, video and art. The project is part of and collaborates with the non-profit foundation: AMOR REAL in Bogotá, Colombia, dedicated to helping one of the country’s most punished social groups through art. In 2022 she released her first EP ‘Rubrica X’, where through five stories she celebrates the lives of iconic women in the art world. The artist is here to stay and to offer us new perspectives, full of essence, to be reborn in these crazy times ruled by algorithms.

Singer-songwriter Laura Low grew up with the Destiny Childs, JLo and the Spice Girls: the recipe for her artistic vein. The singer claims to be a mixture of R&B and the more traditional Spanish style of her family, which results in her sound. Some have called her the “creator of neo-bolero”. And if “Te Maldigo” (2019) whetted her appetite and won her heart, the Canarian artist’s new album “Alma Vieja” (2022) is the continuation of her legacy and growth.

Vicente Navarro’s music flows between Spanish and Latin American folk and urban and electronic music. In June 2019, Vicente released his debut album, “Casi Tierra” and was nominated for best world music album, as well as a number of other industry awards. With the new album “LAS MANOS” (2022), he intends to create a line of work in which he updates and reinforces Spanish folklore (and its external influences) at a time of special interest for the development of new ways of understanding traditional music.

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