15.16.17 SET‘21


Full artistic line-up revealed

Julho 16, 2021 Concerts

MIL returns to its physical edition on September 15, 16 and 17 2021 at Hub Criativo do Beato.

Anticipating future trends and presenting artists that don’t fit the pre-established commercial formulas, MIL 2021 full artistic lineup gathers:

Acácia Maior (PT/CV), A’mosi Just A Label (AO), BabySolo33 (FR), Bia Maria (PT),  Cabrita (PT), Carla Prata (AO/PT), Club Makumba (PT), Dame Area (ES), Dianna Excel (PT), Dino Brandão (CH), Ellynora (IT), EU.CLIDES (PT), Eugenia Post Meridiem (IT), Fado Bicha (PT), Faux Real (UK), Gala Drop (PT), Global Charming (NL), Ikram Bouloum (ES), Karel (NL), Kelman Duran (DO), Ladaniva (IT), Los Sara Fontán (ES), Hadi Zeidan (FR/LE), Herlander (PT), Hun Hun (BE), Maria Reis (PT), Murman Tsuladze (GE), Marinho (PT), MØAA (IT), MURAIS (PT), Naima Bock (UK), Orange Dream (FR), Queralt Lahoz (ES), RAY (PT), Roméo Poirier (BE), Rosin de Palo (ES), SecoSecoSeco (ES), Silly (PT), Stereoboy (PT), Susobrino (BE), Tristany (PT), Uma Chine (BE), We Sea (PT), Yakuza (PT), YNDI (FR/BR), YN (FR).

This year, MIL will present two artistic residencies: one of them, made in partnership with Institut Ramon Llull, brings together Catalan artists Tarta Relena and Portuguese Lavoisier. The other one results from a partnership between MIL and Liveurope and invites music producer Pedro da Linha and Spanish singer ÁlvaroRomero (from RomeroMartin). During five days, these artists will get together and prepare a unique show for MIL. 

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