Is it possible to take care at night? Harm reduction and the maximisation of pleasures as an answer

Wednesday, 27 September15h00 - 16h00Lisboa, Hub Criativo Beato Nighttime EconomyRoundtable

Night-time leisure environments are fundamental time-spaces for creating and experimenting with identities, sociabilities and urban subcultures and for enhancing individual and collective well-being. They are also spaces with liberating potential that allow us to transcend oppressive moral norms and where the right to pleasure is constantly reaffirmed. In these contexts, risk reduction is a fundamental care approach, favoring the creation of environments that are responsive to individual and collective well-being and capable of maximizing the pleasurable experiences of the people who frequent them. This round table is based on the think tank “Strategies for creating safer night-time leisure spaces”, organized during MIL! 2022. In addition to the main recommendations that resulted from this working group, we intend to share some examples of concrete actions that can be taken by the people who promote and frequent these contexts to create night-time leisure environments based on ethics of care.