Friday, 17 September22h15 - 23h00Palco Beato - Hub Creativo do Beato Concertos

It is told that in the 90’s during a summer in the Azores, someone accidentally played the 7-inch record “Vapor da Madrugada” by the band Rimanço at a slow speed. This new approach to the song resulted in a new obsession with melancholic glitches, an authentic “CISMA” (loosely meaning “to dwell on” or “to obsess with”), that was the genesis of a completely new musical sub-genre. That was the starting point for Clemente Almeida and Rui Rofino (WE SEA), who decided to dig up their own life memories in the archipelago, from concerts recorded in blank VHS tapes to the type of sonorities their high school colleagues Rómulo San-Bento and Pedro Rodrigues had achived within dusty floppy discs for years. Brian Eno gave us Music For Airports. WE SEA gives us Music For Indoor Pools; Music to Go Down Staircases and to Listen in Your Local Supermarket; Music to Listen in a Bus in Early September and Music that Plays Between Shows at the End of the Afternoon Slot at Every Open Cable TV Station.