Uma Lambada MIL Batida Felipe Cordeiro Mary Feliciano

Uma Lambada de Batida, Felipe Cordeiro e Mary Feliciano

Wednesday, 25 March22h00 - 00h00B.Leza Concertos

“If you look well from your window, you see my house, because from our houses we see a country that we are always looking at.”
Pedro Coquenão aka Batida

For its 4th edition, MIL challenged artists Pedro Coquenão aka Batida, Felipe Cordeiro and Mary Feliciano to an artistic residency where over 5 days they step on a common ground in the triangle that connects Lisbon to Belém do Pará. The third corner is somewhere in Angola. Or is this the starting point?

The challenge is simple: starting from the memory and imagination of each of the players, trying to reach a music / dance performance that cannot dissociate from each other. The defense of Dignity, the exercise of Justice and the incitement to Resistance are the navel of this meeting. In short, a lick in response to all the prejudice that comes out of the mouth with impunity.

There is free movement and dance by Mary Feliciano, melodies on the guitar by Felipe Cordeiro and the rhythm box by Pedro Coquenão that also gave the name and takes on the staging of this meeting that wants to be more than a validation of a simplistic concept of Lusophone, assuming the historical heritage of blood, movement and love that has to be cultivated. Let’s get closer. It is with this challenge that we open MIL 2020.