Friday, 17 September16h30 - 17h00EGEAC Room 2 - Hub Criativo do Beato Presentation

Skoola was born in Village underground in April of 2021 as an urban and contemporary music academy. It uses a model completely different from formal education principals where the focus is on the young participants as individual constructors of their own knowledge. A school where there is not only one professor but a lot of people to learn from, where the curriculum draws an ally to “making music” ancestral to new creative possibilities brought by technology and where the learning goes by the goals of the participants.

Skooda pretends  to feed in artistic freedom and diversity examples, making an easy approach to known professionals in the musical industry. The development with these factors in an environmental and training context, allowing not only sharing their accumulated experiences, but also the increasing young people’s access to new opportunities, contributing to the expansion of possibilities for building their life project, increasing self-esteem, confidence and belonging. 

It’s a space where young people can be themselves, where they discover their potential for music and artistic identity.