Wednesday, 15 September16h30 - 17h15EGEAC Room 1 - Hub Criativo do Beato Presentation was initially introduced to the Portuguese community back in 2016 but it wasn’t until the first MEETSSS in October 2019 – the international meeting of the community that took place in Portimão (Algarve), that the current #shesaidsoportugal collective was formed. Ever since, our main goal has been to amplify the global principles of the network, building a representative community in Portugal.

Understanding the urgency of the mission, a leading team is now more focussed than ever in bringing the ethos to life. Besides raising awareness to hot topics relevant to the female and gender minority Music community within the local sphere, our priority will be to unify and consolidate our voice. We are committed to advocating for gender and rights equality; to opening our platform to dialogue and knowledge exchange; to offering regular events & networking sessions; to fostering professional mentoring; and to disseminating opportunities for Women and gender minorities in all areas of the Music sector.