Rural Radicals

Wednesday, 28 September14h00 - 16h00Lab 1 - Factory Lisbon Cultural PoliciesWorkshop

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Is the grass greener outside of the city? More and more people want to start their life closer to nature where space, freedom and affordable prices are possible. As cities become increasingly over-surveilled, rent prices skyrocket, and market competition reigns, many people are considering abandoning the city life to enjoy the airs of the countryside. All over Europe there are plenty of vacant buildings, waiting to be repurposed – but where does one start?

A change from urban to rural can be quite intimidating. It takes a lot of courage and effort to make the step and the non-urban environment requires different skills and strategies. This workshop intends to provide support to make such a transition: together with three rural creative space-makers, we will discuss a wide variety of topics that can help participants to engage with and in the rural world. In this workshop, we aim to raise issues related to personal well-being, finding resources and community building in rural areas. Some of the questions we propose for reflection are: how to engage with local rural communities? How to navigate in a different socio-political dimension? How to deal with feelings of isolation when one is far away from the vibrant city life?