RomeroMartín (ES)

Friday, 27 March21h45 - 22h30Indústria Lisboa Concertos

He jumps with both feet from Lorca’s poetical innards to the troubled expressionism of Val del Omar. He sums collabs with Rosario Toledo, Ángel Atienza, Raúl Cantizano, Pedo (Los Voluble) Jiménez. El gaditano Álvaro Romeroes is the tireless hummingbird, like Burrough’s queer in the middle of a flemish rave. His cannibal eagerness to devour knowledge ends up betraying him: art is promiscuous by nature to the El Puerto de Santa María native.

Kamikaze aviator in constant downfall. Disturbing and adventurous, Romero is the “Unabomber del Flamenco 2.0”, a natural creator that challenges prejudices with the restraints of someone who considers himself man, woman, and voice at the same time.

Now, Álvaro is working alongside Málaga’s producer Toni Martín in a record that has already left an audience in tears during Monkey Week’s last edition. Based on an electronic foundation who is influenced by industrial sounds with poems from homosexual poets like the Chilean Pedro Lemebel, RomeroMartín offers trips without constraints by the abyss that separates love from hate.