Exploring Lisbon’s Independent Cultural Scene: Conversations on Issues and Challenges with RESET!

Thursday, 28 September16h00 - 18h00Lab 1 - Hub Criativo do Beato Cultural PoliciesWorkshop

The Reset! network heads to Lisbon at MIL to explore the state of the independent cultural and media ecosystems. Following a series of over 70 workshops held across Europe, the network aims to delve into the dynamics of the independent cultural sector in Lisbon, understanding its challenges and the needs of its actors. Lisbon-based festival-owners, collectives, radios, booking agencies, clubs, venues: join this discussion (not open to the audience) which will be dedicated to highlight the current situation of the independent cultural and media landscape of Lisbon. In collaboration with Nêga Filmes.The Reset! network is supported by Creative Europe: it gathers, supports and empowers 66 independent cultural and media organisations from 25 countries. Reset! aims to highlight the fragile situation and specific needs of these independent actors, who are neither under the control of any public authorities nor affiliated with large private groups. The network’s purpose is to advocate for the independent sector in order to redesign (reset) the cultural and media landscape in Europe.