Friday, 27 March20h15 - 21h00Musicbox Concertos

Luís Raimundo, known in the music scene as “RAY”, made of rock n ‘roll a soundtrack for life. And he continues to do so. Because more than playing for others, it touches what has touched you in luck and misfortune and that has shaped you today. In it, this is what rock n ’roll is. Talk about life, confide, send it out, scream, spit. Sometimes in a more muscular, visceral and raw way as he did in The Poppers, sometimes in a more introspective and dense way, as it happens later in Keep Razors Sharp. A kaleidoscope that can only be ventured by those who have used many masks, who have tried and lived, inside and outside music. Because when you grow up in chaos, this environment will forever be your natural habitat, your comfort zone.