Musicians’ health and wellness by CURA Collectif

Cura Collectif will host a two-part workshop focused on musicians’ health and wellbeing.

Physiotherapy with Coralie Cousin:

“Musicians are “high-level emotional athlete”. In the musician world, it’s common to hear “no pain no gain”.  This is the reason why most musicians feel guilty to speak about their pain and prefer to suffer in silence. Our mission is to work side by side with musicians in order to disrupt this mentality. Because Musicians are “high-level emotional athlete”, their body needs medical help and the right advice. Everyone agrees on one thing: health education should be mandatory in every high-level music school. Today, I’m here to share my testimony about my wonderful 20 years’ experience as a physiotherapist for musicians.”

Nutrition with Sandrine Bileci:

Nutrition is both the fuel and medicine of our bodies and minds. We will cover the role of nutrients in stress management strategies and how to implement them in a life dedicated to music, tour, shows or recording sessions.