Music Venues As Catalysts Of Change

Thursday, 29 September16h00 - 17h30Talks Room 1 - Factory Lisbon Music IndustryWorkshop

For many years, music venues have needed a paradigm shift. The old model of opening in the evenings and closing in the day, of a business model based purely on selling tickets and drinks, is dead. Gentrification and the rising competition for space in town centres have made it increasingly difficult to sustain this old model.

Music venues are valuable silos of highly sought after skills and knowledge; technical skills, problem solving, management, digital-first approaches. We need to ‘open-out’ our venues, creating new learning opportunities for young people, stimulating opportunities in our towns and cities while creating new understanding of the roles our venues play. Venues need to develop new models that see them driving forward progressive change in their towns and cities, contributing new value to society and in turn generating new revenue streams. To achieve this successfully, venues most also play an active role in public policy, both in their towns and cities, but also regionally and nationally.

Future Yard CIC is a non-profit independent live music venue in Birkenhead, Liverpool, UK. Over the last two years we have launched one of the UKs most dynamic new music venues, a range of skills & training programmes, an artist development incubator, led regional music policy and attracted over £2.3m in grant funding.

In this workshop we will examine our ‘Community Music Venue’ model, share our learning and explore options for Circuito’s members to take this learning into their own venues and across the network.