MIL meets SACEM with La Chica, Johan Papaconstantino, Hadi Zeidan, DJ Marfox

Friday, 27 March00h00 - 06h00Musicbox Concertos

SACEM invites La Chica, Johan Papaconstantino, Hadi Zeidan, DJ Marfox for an after-party at Musicbox.

00h00 – 00h45 > La Chica

On one side of the ocean, there is Latin America. The earth is intense and full of magic. On the other side, there is Paris and Belleville. A pluricultural, urban, and modern earth. Through her music, La Chica reunites these two worlds, presenting a collage of textures and sounds, ingrained from her traditional heritage and in UX of modern influences, breaking all modern social standards. She created her universe around the piano and keyboard, naturally mixing her inspiration of the classics, her love of Debussy, and the profoundness of the pages of analogical synths. Without a mask, this French/Venezuelian artist transmits a brusque state of emotion, floating between abstract thoughts and introspective poetry.

01h15 – 02h00 > Johan Papaconstantino

Self-taught and multidisciplinary, Johan Papaconstantino creates a global art by sharing his feelings through music and painting, drawing his inspiration in both arts. In December 2017, he releases his first homemade solo EP “Contre-Jour” on Bandcamp. Seeking to express his personal vision of aesthetic, Johan decides to start a project consisting of 7 tracks. In “J’sais pas” and “Pourquoi tu cries ??”, flagship tracks of his EP, he combines his electronic music influences to his Greek roots and oriental music background from his youth. Johan is now back with a new track and a clip called “J’aimerai”, that was shot in Marseille, city where he grew up.

02h30 – 03h30 > Hadi Zeidan

Musical geographies and cross-genre ventures interweave in Hadi Zeidan’s work. As a sound artist, musician and curator, Zeidan’s portfolio translates intergenerational research, multicultural urban aesthetics and constant movements.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon. Based in Paris, France.

03h30 – 06h00 > DJ Marfox 

Producer and DJ, Marfox is a downright urban, suburban and ghetto legend in Lisbon, as well as a renowned name on a worldwide network of dedicated seekers of new directions in electronic social music. Having also released on Lit City Trax, Warp Records and delivered commissioned remixes for artists such as Fever Ray, Elza Soares, tUnE-yArDs or Panda Bear, he is undoubtedly one of the figure-heads of the roster of Príncipe. His most recent outing on the Lisbon based dance label was 2016’s “Chapa Quente”, lauded by FACT Magazine as “practically perfect” or distinguished as “Album Of The Month” on Mixmag’s April issue. Marfox has been playing live extensively in the last few years in Europe and the UK, visits to the North America, Brazil, Uganda, Angola, Russia and tours in East Asia.