MIL After Party ft. George Silver (PT) + Caroline Lethô (PT)

Thursday, 29 September01h00 - 04h00Lounge Concertos


In some recent times little few musicians operate in Portugal with the same proficiency and sense of urgency as André Neves. A native of Barreirinha, better known as George Silver to outsiders, Neves has been an almost omnipresent figure between solo performances, DJ sets, radio host with his Sincopado on Rádio Quântica or as drummer in DEBUT! and machine operator in AFF, alongside Miguel Torga and Diogo Vasconcelos. A kaleidoscopic and voracious vision which gets stuck in the most diverse songs – African polyrhythms, tropicalist swing, acid house and the chilliest derivation of the 90’s or the contemplation of Southwest Asia – and shuffles them with a contagious happiness and amazement.

Caroline Lethô was shaped by the warmth of the Algarve, where she was born and bred. The dense and at the same time light southern atmosphere is reflected in the music she chooses as a DJ and creates as a producer. Her references focus on melody and depth, on a journey through the most captivating corners of dance music. Her sure intuition guides us through the paths of house, EBM, to the most adventurous techno and electro. She already has some releases in several national labels such as LABAREDA, Extended Records and, more recently, with a track in the Intera anniversary compilation. She was also one of the participants of last year’s Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin, besides being a regular presence in several booths in the country and abroad.