MIL After Party ft. DIDI (BR) + Catxibi (PT) + Kerox (PT)

Friday, 30 September01h30 - 06h00Titanic Sur Mer Concertos

free entrance for PRO tickets until 2 am

price: 6€ 


Di Candido aka DIDI, Afro-Brazilian queer body in transit through Brazil, UK and Portugal, who works, persists and resists through research, cultural production and performance as DJ, singer and visual artist/ multidisciplinary. They dealized the creative unit in the form of party Bee. The United Kingdom of Beeshas (bee_lx) at DAMAS, as one of the first parties that brought #blackqueermagic to the center of Lisbon, moves in collective connection, in production and direct performance with BATEKOO, Pumpdabeat, Baile Brabo, Bloco Colombina Clandestina, Afrontosas, BlackPride Uk, among others. Their journey talks about themes related to the (re)territorialization, identities, activism and anti-racist performance, in queer, black and immigrant cultural and artistic production of artists in diaspora. In their work, DIDI connects to the most varied Afrodiasporic rhythms and artistic manifestations, through sound and movement expressions, from baile funk to house, from r&b 90/00 to afrobeat.


Catxibi is Luísa Cativo, with a very colorful path; she was one of the founders of the Thug Unicorn parties, which marked the nights of Porto and Lisbon since its beginning in 2012. Before that she was part of the GRRRL RIOT parties in Plano B. Explores heavier musical veins with the Coimbra Instrumental Violence collective. She has been a member of Rádio Quântica since 2015, an online community radio that combines her passion for music and club Culture with social and political activism. She has also been part of the feminist collective Slutwalk Porto since 2015, organizing fundraising parties for marches with this collective. Has played in some of the largest houses in Lisbon and Porto, guided not by musical genres but by the environments she can create through his musical selections.


A true prodigy in all senses, Kerox showed easiness with creating broken electric glitch breaks taking Lisbon by storm with his first release. Starting with ‘Sarna’ (tape, 2019) Kerox grew into Lisbon’s clubbing & electronic scene by being a regular at different releases by labels, collectives & artists such as suspension (mina’s side label), Intera, Circa A.D, kaptcha, Odete’s ‘Amarração’ and BLEID’s ‘Slowly Changing Dimensions’ EP’s. His musical selection and narratives are out-worldly and has left the OG’s of the Lisbon scene shazaming and track id-ing every single time he touches the CDJs at different parties and events from kit ket Lisbon raves, Boiler Room hard dance series to Príncipe Discos nights. Stringing along effortlessly countless amounts of references going from freaky batida, pop nostalgia to a more broken, hard dancefloor madness, Kerox keeps it cohesive and understandable, creating his own communication form and worlds of meanings that allow new things to be understood.