MIL After Party ft. Danifox (PT) & DJ Caring (PT)

Friday, 30 September02h00 - 06h00Musicbox Concertos

free entrance for PRO tickets until 2 am

price: 10€ with 2 drinks 


DJ Danifox, the son of Angolan parents, was born in Lisbon but moved to Leeds, in the UK, in 2014, around the time that he began making his first beats as a means of sheltering from family-related difficulties surrounding him. As his aesthetic began to take shape, coming from tarraxo, kuduro, and Lisbon ghetto, he connected with the Príncipe crew through his friend Deejay Ary, whom he collaborated with on 2016’s ‘Dorme Bem’ track for the label’s ‘Mambos Levis D’Outro Mundo’ comp. Since then Danifox has been touted as one of Príncipe’s rising names, acknowledged for his dancefloor cuts and playful vibes. After releasing his debut solo EP, ‘A Long Walk’, on Los Angeles’ Point Records, moving from kuduro to house and featuring his own vocals, he’s contributed ‘Dark Hope’, a poignant closing title track, to Príncipe’s thrilling 32-track label compilation released this Summer. Alongside Puto Márcio, Lycox, and BBoy, Danifox also forms the Tia Maria Produções crew, who have released the new EP “Lei da Tia Maria” on Príncipe at the tail end of 2020. This Summer saw the release of “Dia Não Mata Dia”, his long awaited solo debut on Príncipe, a superb volume showcasing his daring and distinct compositional and arrangements style in electronic dance music.

Raised in Margem Sul and recently returned to the country after 14 years in the UK, where she was the resident DJ of the Uncontrollable Urge parties at the iconic Dalston Superstore, DJ Caring is a musical explorer. As a DJ, it’s not easy to define her style, cutting and pasting various genres, from UK Bass and Garage to Italo Disco and Japanese Pop Synth, without ever losing coherence, meticulously and with the cohesion of the track in mind. Her comprehensive taste and careful programming are also evident in A&R’s work for Tresor in Berlin, where she curated the TRESOR 30 project, a compilation released in 2021 and universally acclaimed.