MATE is the Meeting of Music and the Creative Economy. The first Portuguese edition of the MATE festival takes place in Coimbra between 20 and 24 October. Over five days, performances are scheduled with musicians of various nationalities. In addition to the concerts, there are also lectures, mentoring sessions and book launches. The festival wants to focus on the creative industries, with special emphasis on the music sector and is designed for professionals, artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, brands, students of the music/cultural industry universe and the general public. The festival is motivated by the promotion of the representativeness of diversity and appreciation of the professional activities of the cultural and creative industries, also opening space for the areas of law, accounting or management related to the creative industries. MATE Europe will tour 3 European cities: Santiago de Compostela (23 and 24 September), Thessaloniki (5, 6 and 7 October) and Coimbra.