Maria Reis MIL

Maria Reis (PT)

Thursday, 26 March22h45 - 23h30B.Leza Concertos

Maria Reis released her new album “Chove na Sala, Água nos Olhos” in the final stretch of 2019. He succeeds the EP “Maria” from two summers ago, at Cafetra, and a dream journey lived at Pega Monstro. He has also collaborated with names such as Sara Graça, Joana da Conceição, Gabriel Ferrandini, Miguel Abras or Rudi Brito in concerts, multimedia art presentations, music and poetry editing. “Chove na Sala, Água nos Olhos” comes to us wonderful, short and direct, animated by doubts and sentences that his experience found in human actions, expressed in brief and elegant songs. The sensible and the ridiculous, the joys and the sorrows, the melodies and the rhythms, the seams and the arrangements, much in this exquisite collection of Maria shows us her gift to focus on that permanent, timeless nucleus of human reality. Hence its identity and admirable timeliness.