Marca Pistola

Thursday, 16 September12h00 - 12h30EGEAC Room 1 - Hub Criativo do Beato Presentation

Marca Pistola is a search engine of musicians and musical projects connected to Azores that moves in the possibility of capturing, updating and presenting what was already done, what is being done and what can happen in the future on the islands’ music scene. More than just a label made in Azores, Marca Pistola is a project that aims to create an audiovisual archive and database. The archipelago of 9 islands is the leitmotif of Marca Pistola as a recording platform in three components (music, sound and photography). In the first phase, the main recording format is via tape and hopefully it will accompany 11 bands until the end of the year, where we will include musical projects such as WE SEA, Filipe Furtado, PMDS, Tosco, Maçarico e P.S Lucas.